14 thoughts on “Sillhouetted Owl (Haiku)

    • Very true. We had one of these sitting on a light pole behind our house that had to have been at least 3 feet all and when he “whoed” you could hear him clearly from inside the house. We watched him for a while and another owl appeared with a snake in its mouth, watching the two of them fight over it was quite amazing.

      • They are fun to watch. I haven’t seen them in quite a while though, I guess they have moved on. Florida should have been a great place to see wildlife, of course depending on where you lived.

      • It was. Though we were a little ways back from a main road with a pond, which attracted some animals. Areas that were more suburban and high traffic didn’t seem to have as many animals.

      • I would imagine that that is true. They typically feed on rabbits and other small animals so I would assume that if a small dog or cat gets out and the coyote can catch them they would be a suitable food. Our yard is walled on 3 sides and gated on the other so they would have great difficulty getting our dogs, but in more rural settings where they didn’t have that protection I’m sure that it would happen. Unfortunately we as humans have pushed our way into their traditional habitats and when something we don’t like happens we blame them for acting on instinct. I find that part of it to be quite sad.

      • It is and it seems to be more common as the years go by. Unfortunately, animals can’t really fight back once humans target them. No concept of war kind of puts them at a disadvantage.

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