Country On The Brink

Country on the brink
Middle-class being trampled
Extinction awaits
Corporate greed at a high
Climbing the backs of workers
Shareholders don’t care
Its all about their returns
Screw blood, sweat, and tears

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

19 thoughts on “Country On The Brink

    • Nothing my friend is absolute, however the general nature of “corporations” are to increase profit and share price of stock which trumps all other concerns. This “almost” always comes at the expense of the workers and/or their rights and benefits. As I said, not every single case is the same, but in general this is a fact. Thank you for the comment.

      • Though some corporations wants to earn money, they want to earn it decently not forgetting the employees’ benefits and welfare. Very family type instead of very selfish types. Though small company, I love to be there.

      • It may or may not because the leader is very important. There are small and big companies ill-treat the employees but grins to the customers. Some big and small companies treat both employees and customers welfare well.

      • You are correct, there are some that do, but I think you will find that in the U.S. system of capitalism those are few and far between. This is the primary reason for the existence of labor unions, not all of them are good either, but they are the workers way of trying to level the playing field against employers.

  1. The problem is with ownership and accountability! To whom is the corporate governance accountable? In a private or closely held corporation, the governance is accountable to a few people or even a single person. Public stock coprorations are accountable to millions of stock holders. This results in very different priorities for the corporate leadership. A CEO of a large publicly traded company can not make sustainable decisions that have a negative effect on short term profits because the shareholders, collectively, are generally more concerned with the next three quarterly dividends than on the 3, 5, or 10 year outcomes let alone a true long view like the Native Seneca Nation’s philosophy if considering the impact of actions on the next Seven Generations!

    • I understand completely and herein lies the problem with America’s version of capitalism. The value lies completely in money/profits and very little on the sweat-labor that produces it. In large corporations, there seldom is loyalty to the worker while in small closely held corporations the may be. I have worked for both in my lifetime and I did not like the large corporate environment at all, every employee was easily replaceable in their eyes and it was a very uncomfortable way to work. This of course doesn’t mean that every entity acts this way, but as a general rule I believe that they do. Thank you very much for the great comment, I really appreciate it.

  2. Sadly even nonprofits can be cut-throat and money-oriented — as much as businesses. There can be a lot of manipulating and ugliness when people are worried about their paychecks. 😦

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