Do You See the Sloth in Slumber

Do you see the sloth in slumber

Ever exhausted in his laziness?

The world passes by;

His life and circumstances change

Right before his eyes, but he cares not.

His food becomes tainted by poison and profit,

His means of survival gets cut down from under him,

Yet these do not prod him to action.

Those charged with his care seek to destroy him.

They smile and whisper in their deceitful hushed tones

Then with a fury they beat him down from his limb.

O’ poor lowly sloth, if only you were the mighty tiger;

Perhaps then you would sink your fangs into these vultures,

Perhaps then you would arise and assume your role in this jungle,

But nay, you prefer to wile the hours away in blindness and lethargy.

Be not surprised upon awakening one day soon that your blissful paradise…

Has become a barren wasteland.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Not So American Dream

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Not so very long ago

I dreamed of a utopia

Beautiful and green

Full of promise and hope

Then man got in the way

Swelled with pride,

Consumed with self-importance

Greedy, prejudice and hateful

He ravaged the land

Taking what he wanted and leaving it in ruins

Polluting our water

Poisoning the ground

Making it a malignant wasteland

Seeing fit to keep this to himself

We planted

We built

We raised our families upon this cursed soil

Ignorant to the damage being done

Chronic illness plaguing our children

They say it’s all in the name of progress

Complain and you are Anti-American

Speak out and you are unpatriotic

Protest and you are a Communist

Who will be held accountable

The autocrats claims a divine right,

All in the name of capitalism

But they don’t plant, build or raise their children on this putrid land

They cry fowl from their ivory castles

Waving their jeweled scepters

Hiding behind their detestable walls

Looking down upon those of us less fortunate

They watch us wither under the toil of our labor

Building for them what they could not build for themselves

Drawing every last breath from us

All for the sake of another dollar

When will they have enough

When will we be more than just expendable

If they have their way