The Worker

You blame the unions,

You blame the American worker,

Moving your plants overseas.


You say we want too much.

Is a decent quality of life too much,

A living wage to raise our families.


You take no blame on yourself,

Your greedy shareholders,

Gnarled hands outstretched,

Grasping for a greater piece of the pie.


You cry, profits are down;

Consumers aren’t buying!

You take our jobs away

Giving them to those in the third world.


No job, no money, no spending,

Where is your logic?

You ask for more from us

Giving us less for our labors,

Yet our bleeding is still not enough.


Our blood, our sweat means nothing,

No longer are we people,

No longer do you show us loyalty.


Profits reign king in your corrupt world

And we are merely paupers,

Struggling in your greed poisoned kingdom.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Hail To The King

We are living in a land of broken dreams and promises,

Those with means, rush to deny what should be obvious to the rest,

Ha! It’s the Land of Opportunity, for whom I ask?

Common is it for the common man to grow then stagnate,

Trapped in the tracks of his caste.

Not for lack of desire, but of meaningful opportunity.

Crawling up and up only to find the steps paved in jagged glass,

Barefooted from birth we are cut and scarred with each step,

No red carpet nor ivory towers lay in wait.

Instead pittances to pacify the masses are offered to give hope,

Promises that they too are worthy of abundance,

These promises ring hollow…leaving us with the taste of sand,

While the oligarchy scoffs from their luxurious boardrooms.

Cries to the state offer little relief,

As they themselves are counted amongst the elite,

Leaving the rest to scrounge for scraps in their rubbish heaps.

This was not the promise of this once great nation,

Old money, family money, dynasties, unfettered corporatism…greed!

Safeguards dreamt by the founders have been tilled and buried,

Bastardized by modern men with corrupt ideals.

Shall we once again embrace…

The monarchy!


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~