Vultures Every One

Vultures every one, they pluck at the carcass.

Oh yes, it is dead and has been for some time,

But they choose to masquerade it in lively rhetoric.

Speaking not of how they will resuscitate the corpse

They prefer to spew bile at those they accuse of murdering it.

Solving nothing, they offer up a civics lesson as hope,

A promise of a return to days long gone by.

They know this can never be,

That we should never return to the cesspool of the past that got us here,

Still they desire with a selfish heart, to thrust this upon us.

No longer a land, by the people, of the people, for the people,

We have devolved into a country of the corporation,

By the corporation, for the corporation.

Our politicians, beholden to these behemoths disregard the people,

Believing their constituents too inept to notice.

Sadly, our elections show they are too often right.

Seats of government are filled with crazies, radicals and thieves

Looking to promote their own self-interests,

Their own delusional ideals,

The interests of those that bought their loyalty.

Their records show nothing but opposition to the other side,

No compromise, no debate, just blatant obstruction,

This they do, all the while claiming to be patriots and waving their tattered flags.

Perhaps we are as much to blame for this violent death as they.

Each vote cast inflicts another gangrenous wound on this once vibrant body.

I fear it too late for meaningful change.

Our young prefer social media and video games to interest in things political.

What the future holds is anyones guess,

But with crystal ball in hand I foretell a funeral, the body in shrouds,

No taps being played, no mourners present to pay their last respects,

They can’t because they are too busy texting and watching youtube to notice.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


27 thoughts on “Vultures Every One

    • I really don’t see any way fixing this seriously broken system while still maintaining it. It has been falling apart for decades and has progressively gotten worse. I know that people love to blame Obama for the state of affairs, but this whole thing started long before he ever held a seat in government. I really do hope I am wrong. Thank your for the compliment my friend.

  1. My wife read something last night about how kids these days (I sound old) don’t have a chance to be bored. Boredom allows them to be creative, to know how to be still, to entertain themselves. Without this down time we may be raising a generation who won’t know what it is like not to be plugged in. Scary.

    • I would agree with that, I see how bad I am with cell phones, tablet, laptops, etc. Yes, I use them for work, but I seldom if ever am without one or more of these items. I have been making a concerted effort over the past several months, to revel in the quiet and actually seek it out. Kids I know are even worse, playing video games on consoles and computer along with all of the other items I mentioned above, they literally have zero downtime. I think this really will prove to be a negative thing for our future. Thanks my friend…and by the way I guess I am old so you aren’t alone in feeling that way. 🙂

  2. But when we do vote, who are we to pick? There are no large names to put in that aren’t already pulled in to something else and those that aren’t are shot down early in the elections. Should those who can’t pick not vote? Their eschewing that will not help as it will still be counted up and those who win will receive their laurels.

    • What it really comes down to is that our political system is severely broken. At this point it has strayed so far from what the founding fathers envisioned and has succumb to the financial power of the wealthy and corporations that it no longer represents the people it was designed to serve and be beholden to. It has even gone so far that the Supreme Court granted corporations personhood, which gives them even more power to either directly or indirectly buy our elections. Lastly and then I will get off my soap box, our two party system is as corrupt as it gets, the parties get to choose who they will offer us as a candidates. All the primary system does is all us to vote for one of the candidates they offer up to run for a seat, how is this fair or even right. In reality we need to scrap our system and start over again taking money out of our process, that is the only way this will work. Anyway, I certainly don’t condone anyone not voting, if you don’t then you hand victories to those less deserving. Sorry for the length of my response and thank you so much for your comment.

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