Is There A Cause

Is there a cause in the name of God worthy of cruelty.

Man seeks ever more horrific ways to slaughter

Proclaiming, “This is the will of God.”

Show me where it is written that this is His command.

It is nothing more than a grab for power,

A subjugation of the populace through a reign of terror…

Your mortal motives impure.

Defend your beheading of the innocent,

Defend your burning of the living for the world to see.

How does this bolster your cause?

All you serve to do is alienate through your merciless violence.

You are looked down upon as animals,

A scourge on the face of this planet to be eradicated.

Lay down your sabres, holster your guns,

Draw down and retreat into the background,

Live in peace.

No further murders need be committed,

If you become silent

And listen to the gentle words of your God.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


8 thoughts on “Is There A Cause

  1. Whoah! Nice new look! 😀

    Yes indeed — “How does this bolster your cause? / All you serve to do is alienate through your merciless violence.” I too wonder …..

    BTW — thanks for introducing us to the landay a while back. I wrote the draft of the prompt for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie — with scheduling and all, it will be mid-March. There’s a link back to your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you for that Jen, I hope that people find it to be a challenge, but also a fun form to write in and thanks for the compliment on the new theme. The other one was getting a bit stale so I decided to freshen it up a bit. 🙂

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