16 thoughts on “The World Has Changed

  1. A lull between wars. Frightful to think of what the next all out war would be like. Can only get worse before ever getting better, or never unless a fundamental change.

  2. Indeed peace is a wishfull thinking, if there has been one constant in the history of man kind among other, well that constant has been war and unfortunatelly I doubt is ever going to change, you always have to have that class of people wanting at some point of their life´s to be warriors

    • I suppose Charly, war has indeed always been a part of man’s history and you may be right that we will never change. It is hard with the state of this world to see that anything different will ever happen…perhaps we are doomed.

      • not doomed Dom, I have been there and as you told me once a “close friend” of yours was in the U.S Marines, so you will allways have nutbus like us to do that thing if need be, actually my case and most that I know is because we wanted it at the time and my gess is that mentallity of Young guys doing that is not going to change soon, might add Young and not all that young

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