I’ve Lost My Passion

I’ve lost my passion

I hope only for a while

Words flow less freely

Both mouth and mind are tongue-tied

Which causes me such great pain

Perhaps I need rest

Time to think and gather thoughts

Away from the screen

Putting pen back to paper

Maybe the old ways are best


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~


51 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Passion

      • a break is good sometimes.. let’s you come back with new eyes and a clear mind 🙂 I take mini breaks once a month.. a day or a weekend off… need the recharge.

  1. Yes is the answer to that question. I’ve always called it “Away from the Machine”, and it’s always a worthwhile retreat…

  2. Not a bad idea, Dominic, to give it a rest for a bit. What you express happens to most of us every once in awhile. And then, once again, it’s like THOUGHTS or SHUT UP, YOU ( two of my earlier poems!)…..
    Nice one!

      • That sounds like a brilliant idea! There are so many people who love your work, I for one have enjoyed your viewpoints on life as you hit the core, pretty much every time. We all need to stand back. stand down and learn from those techniques to better stand on our own feet. You will come out refreshed and all your writing will do is improve. Follow your great idea and we will all be there when you return!
        Alan :o)

  3. Dom, I haven’t been at this for very long. In fact I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my relationship with writing. Luckily I’m a pretty quick study so I’ve learned to embrace the “block”. For me it’s actually nothing more than a breeding ground for thoughts, plans, ideas and more greatness to come!
    By the way I love your blog and your writing style.

    • Oh I have blocks quite often and generally just write through them. This time I just need to take a couple weeks off to recharge my batteries so to speak. Sorry for the very late reply.

  4. Dom. I feel the same way. I often need to close the computer and start writing in a notebook to connect with deeper feelings. Thank you, as usual, for your sincerity and honesty.

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