8 thoughts on “Love Between Adults

  1. yesss!!! I’m happy to live in a FREE and secular country – not subject to or bound by religious rules: here in France, state and religion are completely separated!!!

    • And that separation is just how it should be. Here, many of our religious groups love to force their beliefs on those who disagree with them. In the case of LGBT rights and marriage equality in particular, they claim that marriage is solely dictated by their religions, which of course I disagree with. Essentially marriage is a legally binding contract between two consenting adults with said contract being issued by the state not by any religious institution and carrying no religious connotations. If any religious organization does not wish to marry members of the LGBT community then that is their right, but it should have no bearing on receiving a legally binding marriage license from the state which heterosexual couples require as well. Thank you for the comment and again I apologize for my very late reply.

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