A Tender Kiss I Leave For Thee

A tender kiss I leave for thee

Upon thy cheek when you wake,

This day I leave on turbulent sea

Where chances are thy lover take.


Sheddeth not a sorrow-filled tear

Thine heart belongs the thee through time,

Though watery grave my end I fear

β€˜Tis enough to know thine heart is mine.


Pray for thee my lover pure

In this our night of last embrace,

Though parted love survives I’m sure

In memory of thy angelic face.


Thine smile comforts as farewell I bid, for journey toward mysterious lands,

Thy strength in sorrow thou surely hid, as gently you kiss my trembling hands.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

17 thoughts on “A Tender Kiss I Leave For Thee

  1. It’s rarely you write a piece geared towards this direction. But every chance I get to read love pieces from you, I get to smile as I feel each word written so sincerely. Very nice and sweet, Dom.
    Safe travels, too!

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