Crowds of Xenophobes

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Crowds of xenophobes

Gather to feast on his bile

Hail to The Donald

The latest right-wing tyrant

Spewing hate to the masses


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

14 thoughts on “Crowds of Xenophobes

    • Thank you Nitin, I really despise this guy and have for a very long time, long before he ran for President. The fact that people rally around someone who belongs to the class of people that created this mess we are in is really beyond my understanding.

  1. I swear, this sounds like Germany 1933… Read the Vanity Fair 1990 interview with Ivana Trump and see where he’s getting his ideas from… This guy loves inciting his growing crowds.. One People One Country One Leader…

    • He really does have very much in common with Germany during the WWII period, many comparisons could be made and they would be spot on. Thanks for the great comment Juan, I really appreciate it.

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