100 Word Story – Hate At The Parade

Quoting chapter and verse from god knows what imaginary Bible, you condemned the innocent to eternal damnation through the screeching of your megaphone. Still under the banner of the rainbow they marched defiantly with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts for you and all in attendance.

Could it be that this is more virtuous in the eyes of Christ than the hate that spews from your blasphemous mouth.  Maybe next time you should take the time to read your precious New Testament and ask yourself…

What would Jesus do?  

Gives you food for thought now doesn’t it?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

10 thoughts on “100 Word Story – Hate At The Parade

  1. But I don’t think people who spew that kind of hate are following the New Testament at all. And that’s a great question you ask (WWJD), because Christ looked out for the outcasts and outsiders. He did not hang out with the powerful. He preached a message of inclusion.

    People who use the Bible to justify hatred, vengeance and exclusion are following the worst parts of the Old Testament Bible, completely forgetting that Christ preached a very different message.

    • You are correct, the kind of hatred that they were spewing really did have its roots in the Old Testament. Unfortunately people like this pick and choose what to use based on their own agendas. If these people were as religious as they think they are they would have realized that the New Testament and Jesus never preached the kind of hate they were speaking. As you say Jesus spend most of his time with outcasts and outsiders showing them love and understanding not condemning. Thank you for your very thoughtful comment Cynthia, it is much appreciated.

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