Awash In The Swamp

Awash in the swamp, he’d supposed to drain

His promises proved lies now shown;

Oligarchs and thieves fall down as the rain

Your hopes and your dreams turned to stone.


We told you, we told you not to believe

This carnival barker cloaked in Versace;

Give it some time as I’m certain you’ll grieve

With your tears as they spoil your latte.


Prepare for the change that will turn back our time

To an age where our rights had no rights;

It’s you that will suffer for your ignorant crime

My greatest hopes’ that you lose sleep at night,


You’ve sold out our country with no care for her souls and left it in the hands of a jackal.

I hope you are happy as he rakes us o’er the coals while he and his ilk writhe and cackle.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

12 thoughts on “Awash In The Swamp

  1. OMG, reading it over, I realized this is a sonnet! A very creative use of the form, and some really juicy, colorful language here, Dom.

    “Carnival barker” struck me straight off as a great image– then, re-reading I see he’s “cloaked in Versace,” and then comes the rhyme with “latte.” How much fun is THAT?!

    Love the jackal, and “he and his ilk writhe and cackle.”

    So expressive. A strong stand for a viewpoint.

    Very interesting, too, the picture you paint of the type of person you are holding accountable.

    • Thank you Elaine, I have many more colorful words to use, but they would neither be nice nor appropriate for all audiences. I find the man despicable to the nth degree if that gives you some idea on how I feel about Trump.

      • More words are not needed here.

        Feelings do need to be expressed in some way or another, and I see from your other recent work that the whole thing has really been affecting you, as it has millions of people in the US around the world.

        That is one place we all can start– our own feelings and thoughts — to tune into what can best happen next and how we can contribute to it.

        Not an easy task, I know, but it’s kind of one we’ve always had. It just becomes more apparent now, how important that is.

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