Uninspired (Acrostic)

Untold millions suffer

Necrotizing their own souls

Ideas dissolving in mediocrity

Nothing but blood and tears to show

Sometimes one needs to step back

Permitting the mind to recline

Igniting new found passion

Regret not the blankness of pages

Endure their profound emptiness

Divine inspiration is on its way

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Addiction (Shadorma)

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Shop in Rovereto dedicated to books, art supplies and prints


One pleasurable

Or painful

For some–sport

Others use it to feed their muse

To read or create


Or maybe–

Acquire artwork

That one loves

A vision

As seen through another’s eye

That speaks to the heart


Love shopping

Or not love shopping

No matter

We all do

Fall under its heady spell

Once in a while


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Shadorma Photo Prompt #7


Cloudless Sky – A Shadorma

Cloudless sky,

Granite peaks part blue

Bright canvas.

This painting,

Brushed from an artists palette,

A true masterpiece.



Born of natures hand

Is flawless.

To compare

With the mortal works of man

Would be an insult.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Author’s Note: The Shadorma is a poetic form consisting of a six-line stanza (or sestet). The form is alleged to have originated in Spain. Each stanza has a syllable count of three syllables in the first line, five syllables in the second line, three syllables in the third and fourth lines, seven syllables in the fifth line, and five syllables in the sixth line (3/5/3/3/7/5) for a total of 26 syllables. A poem may consist of one stanza, or an unlimited number of stanzas (a series of shadormas).  The information above was from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadorma.

I Think

I think,

Mind cluttered with words,




Looking for an escape,

A blank page,

A song to sing,


Something to feel release,


Cooking up inside,

No anger,

Just excitement,

Bursting to create,




It matters not,





Tools all the same,

On which canvas I will exact a gentle touch,

Is the question which awaits an answer.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Labors Of Love

Labors of love like a warm breeze caress,

Softening edges worn rough by duress,

Seeking to bleed by releasing the soul,

Preventing it from suffocating in tortured black hole.


Quill as my sword toward battle I go,

What awaits up ahead I do not yet know,

But brilliant or poor unique it must be,

When a mind is consoled and it’s spirit set free.


Words as a weapon through ink that is laid,

Or passion unleashed in love that’s forbade,

Perhaps shrouded in mystery with nary a clue,

Or cringing in darkness in terror we’re drew.


Poet’s imagine with the most subtle prose,

No subject off limits, as anything goes,

Photo or painting both classics of art,

One modern, one ancient, endeared by the heart.


What poison is picked to us matters not,

May last an eternity and ne’er be forgot,

That future generations might enjoy what we loved,

Knowing we’re remembered as we look down from above.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Good Friend

By D. R. DiFrancesco


What passes for art, for art’s sake

Be it brush or pen or pottery, the medium, no difference does it make

Neither beauty nor disgust for the creation dissuade

From the quest to enrich, enlighten and persuade

Its been said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

This truth I envelop even more as I’ve grown older

What is crude or refined who’s to say what’s in taste

Rash judgements have been made at first glance and in haste

Powerful words and the mastery of the artists broad stroke

Portend to convey what the mind’s eye can invoke

Whether abstract or classical, our views may be divergent

Feelings resurrected and emotions rise most urgent

Thought provocation is the design of the muse

Masterfully manipulating all the senses that we use

To see and to hear things in a different light

Molded in a way that we hadn’t thought right

For better or for worse this is the artists intent

To affect you deep down though its this you strive to prevent

Whether its the beauty of a flower or sensations of unbridled love

What we hope to instill are the images and feelings gifted from above