Image Credit: gawker.com

Image Credit: gawker.com

I do not question the existence of God,

I question the existence of godlessness

Ever so pervasive in this hedonistic world.

So sure am I that even the inattentive cannot be blind,

Look around you, everywhere around you,

Do you not see the mountains, oceans, rivers, flowers,

Do you not see the sun, the moon, the stars above,

Do you not see your mother, father, wife, children?

All right before you,

Shining examples of the goodness of the Creator.

Step back, for just a moment, from the materialism that cripples you,

Look to the sky,

Feel the sun on your face,

Smell the fragrance of a rose,

Embrace those that you love,

These are all gifts from God,

Not to be taken for granted,

Not some random creation, weird science or cosmic coincidence.

Beauty lies all around you as it alway has,

If only you will open your eyes,

Open your hearts,

Open your minds,

To the greatness of the Maker.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~