From My Window I Look

From my window I look;

Trees, mountains, flowers

All manner of things stare back at me

Though seldom do I notice.

Caught between the necessities of modern life

And the blindness of adulthood,

I’ve forgotten how wondrous my surroundings.

Rushing from place to place,

Highways, freeways, traffic shifts my focus.

Technology diverts my attention,

Cell phones, computers, television, video games,

No wonder we live in a chemically induce coma.

Time to appreciate the natural world seems impossible,

Finding excuses instead to perpetuate our unfulfilling lives.

How does this make any sense?

Our time in this beautiful world is short,

Time with our loved ones is most precious.

Perhaps the power button is our best friend,

Turn it off.

That vacation time we are saving

As we edge ever closer to a heart attack…

Maybe we should take it.

Step outside, take a deep breath

And enjoy the most beautiful video game ever created



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Much Needed Rain

Much needed rain

Though drought it does not ease.

Standing outside gazing,

Looking skyward, thankful.

River and road become one before us

As cool muddy water rushes

To where no one knows.

We know this will not last–

Blistering heat will return to scorch our soles,

But it does not deter from this pleasantry.

Residents of desert and dwelling

Pleasure in this temporary reprieve.

Flowers dormant burst from their rocky tombs.

Living only days–

They know they are numbered

Falling prey to the vacationing solstice.

Withering to dust–

They return to the earth from whence they came.

This cycle they know oh so well.

Like the waters, all things recede

Back to the source of their creation

In hopes of reemerging one day

To grace the earth with their wondrous presence.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Lament The Death Of Our Rivers

Lament the death of our rivers,

Mourn the toxicity of our air.

Ground once fertile, now parched

Turned desert through our own creation.

Crops wilted and brown

Turn to dust in the noon day sun.

Forests deprived of their lushness

Erode with the slightest hint of rain.

Ravenous pits left barren–

Raped of their precious innocence.

Fracking and drilling–

Consequences of looming disaster ignored.

Ceaseless development choking out nature

Exterminating both the large and the small.

Extinction of whole species despised

When confronting progress.

Denying climate change as a left-wing concoction

Though science the world over proves otherwise.

I watch as all manner of pollution and greed desecrates out world.

Those that speak out are damned as tree-huggers,

Anti-free market liberals, un-American, communists, socialists, unpatriotic.

Is not defending this planet noble?

Do we not owe this fight to our children and their children?

If we can prevent further degradation do they not deserve it?

We have witnessed this day coming,

Nature has foretold of its demise for many a generation at the hands of man

Yet we chose not to see!

Ignorance my friends is not bliss,

It is selfish and egotistical,

It is born of indifference and hate,

Its offspring is ruin and our own extinction!

For what–

A few pieces of silver,

Prestige, accolades, the ivory tower?

What good is any of this if the earth succumbs to carnage?

Take a moment to look at the grandeur of what surrounds you,

This is magnificence beyond any designs of man.

Breathe its air,

Drink of its pure waters,

Gaze with wonder upon its fertile plains,

Glorious mountains, vast and tranquil oceans,

Before it is too late,

For this is true divinity without measure.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


A Step Toward Cliffs Edge

A step toward cliffs edge;

Downward falls rock and sand,

Bouncing, ricocheting off stone walls,

Shear and treacherous in route to their destiny.

Equilibrium falters on unsure footing,

Perched high above circling birds,

An unnatural scene for man.

Carved by wind and water

Otherworldly vastness astounds.

Its artist appears a distant ribbon of green-blue

Winding mesas and chasms ,

Ever chiseling to greater and greater depths,

Slow, deliberate, unnoticed by all but the creator.

Revealing what is evident to all but fools;

How abruptly the human spirit can be dashed,

Minimizing our self-aggrandizing achievements.

What feat of man could compare?

We are but amateurs

Crawling in hopes to walk,

Attempting to master the unmasterable,

Devastating perfection, striving to control.

Can we not just appreciate the grandeur,

The depth and breadth of this– Grand Canyon.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Beauty Surrounds

Beauty surrounds,

If we only take time to observe.

Caught in the trap of modernity,

Should we not exalt these wonders,

For the sanctity of nature,

Is most breathtaking to behold.

Our towering buildings, bridges, fountains, sculptures,

All the great works of the ages do not compare.

Man’s achievements are but specks,

Mere blemishes woven into this worldly fabric.

The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the giant redwoods,

the mighty Mississippi, the Rocky Mountains,

Overshadow anything man’s simple mind could envision.

Yet through our mortal determination

We destroy the masterpiece that sustains us.

Let us slow down…

Take a moment to appreciate what surrounds us

Before we further damage this gift we have been given

Leaving nothing but ugliness and regret

To those that will follow.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


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I do not question the existence of God,

I question the existence of godlessness

Ever so pervasive in this hedonistic world.

So sure am I that even the inattentive cannot be blind,

Look around you, everywhere around you,

Do you not see the mountains, oceans, rivers, flowers,

Do you not see the sun, the moon, the stars above,

Do you not see your mother, father, wife, children?

All right before you,

Shining examples of the goodness of the Creator.

Step back, for just a moment, from the materialism that cripples you,

Look to the sky,

Feel the sun on your face,

Smell the fragrance of a rose,

Embrace those that you love,

These are all gifts from God,

Not to be taken for granted,

Not some random creation, weird science or cosmic coincidence.

Beauty lies all around you as it alway has,

If only you will open your eyes,

Open your hearts,

Open your minds,

To the greatness of the Maker.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Nature’s Beauty – Haiku

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Image credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Light as a feather

Wind dances through the treetops

Summoning the Gods


The moon overhead

Keeps watch over it’s subjects

While they soundly sleep


Winding rivers flow

Steadily toward open sea

Free from all constraint


Mountains majesty

Big Horns rule the rocky crags

Where others fear tread