O’ The Beauty, the Warmth of the Sun,

O’ the beauty, the warmth of the sun,

The bluest of blue skies, whitest of clouds floating on hidden breezes.

What worries do I have when surrounded by the Divine’s Creations?

Temporal pains hold no sway in the face of Heaven’s glorious perfection.

I gripe over aches, aging, suffering and death

Spending my life in pity over the trivial.

But why?

Is not peace and joy spread out before me,

Have I not been granted five senses for their pleasure?

What has been given proves to be insufficient,

An incessant want pervades my very being.

This ego drives me to horde ever more of the materialistic…

I am weak!

Lying back in the tall green grass I marvel at Heaven,

Watching birds of all variety crisscross its expanse.

Wondering…Perhaps they know the answer,

Living simply and in the moment,

Requiring nothing, but food and shelter.

Wasn’t this what was endowed to us by the Creator, In The Beginning

Until the day our egos drove us to sin.

Maybe it is time I step back,

Taking time to look for that little spark that burns within

…That is God.


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~

Between Joy And Sadness Is Life

Between joy and sadness is life

Mundane and mindless

Shopping at the market

Shuttling kids from event to event

Paying the bills

Cleaning the gutters

Washing the laundry

Not to be taken for granted

Even the banal can make memories


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


From My Window I Look

From my window I look;

Trees, mountains, flowers

All manner of things stare back at me

Though seldom do I notice.

Caught between the necessities of modern life

And the blindness of adulthood,

I’ve forgotten how wondrous my surroundings.

Rushing from place to place,

Highways, freeways, traffic shifts my focus.

Technology diverts my attention,

Cell phones, computers, television, video games,

No wonder we live in a chemically induce coma.

Time to appreciate the natural world seems impossible,

Finding excuses instead to perpetuate our unfulfilling lives.

How does this make any sense?

Our time in this beautiful world is short,

Time with our loved ones is most precious.

Perhaps the power button is our best friend,

Turn it off.

That vacation time we are saving

As we edge ever closer to a heart attack…

Maybe we should take it.

Step outside, take a deep breath

And enjoy the most beautiful video game ever created



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The “Ribbit” Of The Frog

The “ribbit” of the frog

Sitting on his lilypad,

He lashes out for winged morsels,

Mear bits to sustain–

He never complains.

Enough it is for him to sit

Watching day turn to night

And night to day.

Never bored,

Never desiring more,

He lives by heaven’s design.

Lazy–he is not!

Wanting for nothing

He is content.

I long to be like the frog

Taking only what I need,

Wanting nothing more,

Living by my nature…



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The Smell Of Baked Bread

The smell of baked bread

Like perfume of memory

Grandma at the stove

O’ how joyful was childhood

When things were much simpler

Adulthood does dull

Senses fade to the background

Turning cynical

Happiness replaced by stress

O’ how soon we do forget


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Love of Night

By D. R. DiFrancesco

As days light wanes,

Violet and mandarin hues apprehend the sky,

Birds chirps fade into peaceful silence,

Music of crickets and cicada fill the air,

Serenity found amongst these simple things,

Warmth of day displaced by coolness of evening,

Moon light clear and blue,

Fractured by transient paper-thin clouds,

Romance wafts softly through the shadow laden trees,

Evenings breeze runs it’s fingers through your hair,

Caressing gently like a lover,

There’s beauty in night,

Friendly, an angel known since youth,

Enveloping and safe,

A blanket, warm, inviting and natural,

Good night my love.