The Smell Of Baked Bread

The smell of baked bread

Like perfume of memory

Grandma at the stove

O’ how joyful was childhood

When things were much simpler

Adulthood does dull

Senses fade to the background

Turning cynical

Happiness replaced by stress

O’ how soon we do forget


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


15 thoughts on “The Smell Of Baked Bread

  1. And to think, no bread baking machines. My mother made homemade bread for our family 2 X a day [from scratch of course] along with feeding between 20 – 35 hired men 3 meals each day. She had one paid worker in the kitchen (allowed to do dishes, etc). I often think I might smell homemade bread but I know it will never be like the bread my mother made. She was still making bread the same way when she passed of cardiac arrest at age 76. [It was probably the hand churned butter, don’t you think].

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