From My Window I Look

From my window I look;

Trees, mountains, flowers

All manner of things stare back at me

Though seldom do I notice.

Caught between the necessities of modern life

And the blindness of adulthood,

I’ve forgotten how wondrous my surroundings.

Rushing from place to place,

Highways, freeways, traffic shifts my focus.

Technology diverts my attention,

Cell phones, computers, television, video games,

No wonder we live in a chemically induce coma.

Time to appreciate the natural world seems impossible,

Finding excuses instead to perpetuate our unfulfilling lives.

How does this make any sense?

Our time in this beautiful world is short,

Time with our loved ones is most precious.

Perhaps the power button is our best friend,

Turn it off.

That vacation time we are saving

As we edge ever closer to a heart attack…

Maybe we should take it.

Step outside, take a deep breath

And enjoy the most beautiful video game ever created



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


12 thoughts on “From My Window I Look

    • But it does the exact opposite, it interferes with everything. How often do we see a family sitting at a table in a restaurant all with their heads down in their cell phones. We scarcely ever interact with people on a one-to-one basis anymore it would seem.

    • I really wish I could. I really believe that being “always” connected is a terrible thing. Thank you Heather and by the way I’m really jealous of your vacation. I’ve never been to Italy and I so would love to go…maybe someday. 🙂

      • We go home to my partners Mom…The surroundings, minus the technology make it perfect. There is a stress factor always being “connected” that we don’t realize we have until we can lose it for a bit. Get to Italy….if not for the landscape, for the wine and food 😉

    • It is and I work in the information technology field full time, but there are times when I believe that it does us more harm than good, we are losing our interpersonal skills and losing touch with nature.

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