Sky, Canvas of Blue

Sky, canvas of blue

Bespectacled by wondrous birds

Melody of song

Sung naturally without urge

So often ignored by man

O’ the things we miss

Rushing in our meager lives

How terribly sad

Perhaps taking a moment

We’d realize what’s important

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Another Month Has Passed

Another month has passed, scurrying out the door,

Rushing in tomorrow like a fire sale at the store.

What does the new offer you that the old one could not,

Nothing I can think of unless there’s something I forgot.

We wish our lives away for what we think is something better,

Until our time runs out wishing we hadn’t treated it as a fetter.

Perhaps slowing down and enjoying all that we’ve been given,

Would be a better way to appreciate this life that we’re living.

Instead of treating “now” as a prison to escape,

Because it isn’t something we can plan, design or shape.

We should wrap it in our arms holding on oh so tight,

Cherishing every moment with all our will, stamina and might.

Knowing the next second will be as precious as the past,

For the very next second may be the one that is our last.

So treasure this latest present no matter how good or how bad,

Because this one is far greater than many others may have had.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~