Calls Go Unanswered – A Tanka

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Calls go unanswered

Are you not at all concerned

Like ships lost at sea

When late to arrive at port

We send out a search party


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

6 thoughts on “Calls Go Unanswered – A Tanka

  1. So sad have many elderly live alone or do not have friend or family to care for them. I liked your poem very much, yet at the same time, everyone has become so dependent on mobile phones-I almost think we use phones too much sometimes…but still it is a good poem.

    • It is sad that so many of our elderly live alone, no visitor, no phone calls, this doesn’t happen in so many other cultures. The elderly are venerated because of the wisdom they bring to the family, unfortunately American culture doesn’t do this. I would also agree with you on the issue of cell phones. I am just as guilty, if not more guilty than most. I carry two cellphones, one for work the other personal. I get emails from various sources on both as well as phone calls, web surfing and a whole host of other things. I am old enough to have grown up before the cellphone and it is amazing how well we survived without them. Sometimes I consider leaving them home and seeing if it kills me, but I guess I am too afraid. 🙂

      • Your reply is interesting, because I almost wanted to add to my comment, that most “older” adults do not use cellphones. I live with my husband and his 62 yr old mother. She does not like using her cellphone, in fact she never even turns it on when she leaves the house, I have a 64 yr old father who rarely answers his cellphone-yet that is my only way of contacting him-he is currently out of state. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, even though she is only 62 has a host of serious health issues. She had a triple bypass surgery, 3 heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes 2. My husband and I try our best to take care of her. Her other children-(3) call very frequently on her land line phone. If she’s not answering it it usually just means she’s not home. 2 of her other sons call everyday. I was raised both knowing and respecting my grandparents. I also watched my father take care of his elderly mom and father-in-law till they both passed away. I agree with you-that our culture does not always care for it’s own. It’s sad. I have worked with older adults as a Art Therapy intern-I love older adults-it is an interesting and lovable population to me. It’s a shame not everybody sees that. Older folks have much to give in terms of love and wisdom.

      • I agree 100% regarding our older population. I have been blessed to still have my parents and I also still have one grandmother left and she is going on 103 years old. She lives with my aunt and for her age is doing pretty well. I spoke with her the other day and it was such a great joy. I can only imagine all that she has seen in her lifetime…what a treasure. 🙂

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