18 thoughts on “A Cape Of Thorns Worn (Tanka)

    • I;m not really sure other than its fins are sort of pear shaped. All I know is that the needles on the prickly pear are ultra-fine and exceptionally painful and hard to remove. Their flowers however, are very beautiful.

      • We purchased one a few years ago and placed it in between the seats of our van to keep it from falling over, unfortunately my wife wasn’t paying attention and while leaning over to get something out the back she ran across the top of it with her chest. She had so many needles in her that it made her sick and it took a very long time for them to all come out (beyond what we could see and pull out). I guess that at least gives it the “prickly” part of its name.

  1. I’m slowly working my way through your blog – starting with your poems.
    This cactus is growing in an empty lot near us – as you say, in your poem, a beast..but so lovely in full bloom.
    I did enjoy this one…

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