Teetering On The Brink

Teetering on the brink–again;

War-hawks sounding their alarm

Like the boy who cried wolf.

Prodding the populace with fear

As if they and they alone can foretell the future,

This is always their way.

They act as if violence on our soil is inevitable,

That we must strike first

Before the boogieman gets us in our sleep.

What is the endgame?

The objectives are muddled at best

Causing more harm than good.

Blaming the other side for inaction

Is their way of shifting focus,

And we believe time-and-time again.

All while their silken pockets are lined with gold

For their them and their friends.

Death is an industry like any other;

Capitalism at its finest

And we feed into their vile fare.

Rallying behind their hate and ignoring their greed

They hide behind the guise of patriotism;

O’ how blind and oblivious we are.

There is no dispute,

Barbaric acts of murder are despicable.

There is no death that can be condoned or celebrated,

Especially of the innocent.

Is this an act of war?

They are not a country.

They are not a government.

They are nothing, but criminals and murderers,

Treat them as such!

Yes, there is evil in this world!

Yes, there is a time and place for action,

But the motives must be clear,

The end must be solidly defined

And the cause must be just.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


13 thoughts on “Teetering On The Brink

  1. Very powerful, Dominic. I watch the news about .5% of the time…which means hardly ever. But reading your poems sometimes makes me take a look on what is going on in he world…it is self-preservation to not see too much too often. So thanks for your poignant poems. You are a good,kind and caring soul.

    • I was trying to do as you do by not watching too much in the way of news, but now I find myself tuning into it on the radio which really defeats the purpose. Believe me, you are much better off not listening to or watching the horrors of this world too often. All they really do is serve do depress and that is something none of us need. Thank you Cheryl-Lynn, I really appreciate the nice things you said in your comment.

      • In the past 2 months I have been driving to work, so listening to the news many days…I don’t have cable or satellite, now just Netflix, And my car just died..so no more news…listen to music or pop in a cd. from now on. I do like your love poems.

      • Thank you. Although I’m sorry that your car is not working, it does keep you from having to buy gas and listen to the news. I am seriously considering going to just NetFlix and Hulu when my satellite contract is up, I will be hard to break the addiction, but I keep thinking about all of the money I would save. 🙂

      • money and peace of mind…you get on the internet and CHOOSE what to read. I was out of internet and satellite for a month…enough to get used to not having anything so when I got back on line, I am so happy with Netflix. What is Hulu?

      • Just like Direct TV…it is so cheap in the US compared to here. I have a friend who lives here but is American and he gets Direct TV . Oh well, better to have less t.v. so I can read and write more:)

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