We Believe The Lies

We believe the lies
Drinking in hollow kool-aid
The magic potion
Then morning comes–hangover
Surprised that you have been fooled.
The ads–deceitful
Never had any substance
Yet you watched and cheered
Now, live with your ignorance
May it be all that you hoped

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

24 thoughts on “We Believe The Lies

  1. Wait are you saying that Carls Jr ad where that beautiful model is eating a massive one of their burgers is fake. They don’t do that? Next you will be telling me cigarettes are bad. Come on now.. Sodas don’t cause diabetes…

  2. Dom, I detected the disappointment in your post. Not everyone believes the lies–from whatever side of the fence they come from. After the dust settles we have to live our lives in the real world. I’m most disappointed in the low voter turnout. Some, (I’m not making an accusation to anyone specifically), that are now disillusioned didn’t care enough to get out and vote.

    Apparently, the dissatisfied, did get out and vote. I’m disillusioned about how polarized we are as a nation. I’m disillusioned by how many millions of dollars were spent on this campaign.

    A friend of mine, of the Democratic persuasion, remarked, “now we have government by ‘Oligarchy.'” I would go even farther. I think we’ve been governed by a “Plutocracy” for a long time. There are rich Democrats as well as there are Republicans.

    There is different justice for rich and poor. Who speaks for Joe Blue collar (other than lip service)? Who speaks for the working poor? We have the best government money can buy.

    • You know, I can’t disagree with any of your points. I really think we are of like mind. Low voter turnout is detestable, the hundreds of millions of dollars in “black money” spent by the wealthy to influence the election to their liking is disgusting and the fact that there is such a disparity between rich and poor is unforgivable. Yes, there are wealthy individuals and companies on both sides of the aisle trying to influence elections in their favor and none of them should be permitted to have that kind of clout, but unfortunately our SCOTUS has seen fit to allow politics to influence their decisions rather than the words and the intent of the Constitution as they are charged to do. Something has to change and I believe that it will have to be something drastic at this point. Thank you for the thoughtful comment my friend.

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