Happiness (Acrostic)

Has there not been enough killing, enough hate

All centered around religious faith?

Perhaps kindness and love would be a better solution;

Plying our ingenuity to the pursuits of peace and joy

Instead of weapons of human destruction.

Never has there been such a proliferation!

Ever more I believe the right path is unfettered love,

Something we are born with, but many of us lose through cynicism.

Strive to regain it and you may witness the rebirth of childlike joy.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


15 thoughts on “Happiness (Acrostic)

  1. What did Mahatma Gandhi say, “I liked your Christ but not your Christians so much… I’m a Buddhist thank you…

    • I agree, I love Christ, but so many Christians are not good models of his message and in fact are quite the opposite. I am studying Taoism and its message is truly one of peace and beauty as is Buddhism. Thanks my friend.

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