20 thoughts on “Torture Inhuman (Tanka)

      • That’s the saddest part of this — well, of course he feels no remorse. Of course he thinks it’s crap. That’s how he’s survived this long, politically, when *everybody* knows that he’s a poor excuse for a human being, lower than a dog turd. No remorse. Show now “weakness”. And keep going as if nothing happened. I don’t know if I want to weep or vomit. 😦

        Nicely done though, Dom —

      • Thanks Jen, that man absolutely repulses me…I guess even God doesn’t want him since he keeps pulling him out of the jaws of death. You are right, a poor excuse for a human being.

      • And you have to wonder how many people on the heart transplant list waited until they died — yet he got one — a waste of a decent heart.

        Or perhaps it was considered a heart “implant”? Not sure he had one to begin with.


      • We have learned a lot lately about the Reagan and Bush years but, honestly, I don’t think we’ve come even close to completely knowing the depth of their corruption!

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