Believe As You Will

“Believe as you will”,  you say,

“I can respect that”, you say with a smile.

In your heart of hearts you are only tolerating,

You know they are wrong,

They don’t believe as you do so they must be wrong.

It matters not that we share this same walk together,

They have the same pains,

They have the same hopes,

They have the same dreams,

They fear,

They mourn loss,

They live and die just as you do,

But yet you self-righteously sit in judgement.

Is that what your God wants,

Is that what my God wants,

I seriously doubt it.

If you wish to be judge and jury,

Look no further than the heathen within

And you will find plenty of crimes to punish.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


8 thoughts on “Believe As You Will

  1. This is a great post Dom – I love poetic realities… Wouldn’t it be a much better world if we all took a deep look into our own space before judging the space of another? Thanks for sharing this with us….

    • You are correct, what I was getting at was that although love is what Jesus taught, it is very frequently supplanted by tolerance in lieu of love. Judging and tolerance are very human things, ones that we need to overcome in order to truly love one another, regardless of beliefs. Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment my friend.

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