10 thoughts on “Violence Erupts

  1. I must admit, I am filled with fury this morning. I can’t fathom the attitude of condescending tone that I hear in the comments like “space to destroy”! It’s like they think they’re dealing with spoiled children instead of adults that have been pushed to the point of desperately fighting for their lives as well as the lives of their children! Thanks, Dom. Sorry for the vent. No, I’m not advocating violence.

    • I couldn’t agree more, venting is in order. I am just concerned that the “authorities” will paint these citizens as nothing but troublemakers and turn the focus away from the real issues. Listening to the press conference by the mayor and some counsel people I was struck by how many times they said how many police officers were hurt, but when it came to the real victims, the citizens of Baltimore in this case, nothing was said and those that perpetrated some of the violence were called “thugs”, how is that the least bit helpful. No one is doing anything to address the real and systematic problem in this country. Very sad and frustrating indeed.

  2. Baltimore’s problems are HUGE. My oncologist is in Baltimore; I’ve driven through and past some of these places that are in riot. The extreme poverty, the drugs, the violence — and a system where the poor cannot get ahead — can barely keep their heads above water — oh, it was bound to happen. But I worry that the wrong people can use this anger in the wrong way – and it paints these folks in a very bad way. Losing the message. Losing the desire to help – shrugging it off. You know?

    Great poem, Dom

    • That is the concern with the violence, I know that there is extreme and justified frustration and I know that they have been marginalized by the system for centuries, but cooler heads must prevail if the message and movement is not to be overshadowed by the violence. I truly hope there is positive change, but if it does not benefit corporate America and the right then it isn’t likely to happen. There are tremendous benefits to keeping people down. Thanks Jen.

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