Hate for this word runs deep,

Ominous…reminiscent of the Nazis.

Men’s cruelty at its worst…

Even now I shiver at the thought.

Luther never dreamed of it in his day.

America, are we on the path to radical nationalism?

Never has there been a more dangerous thing,

Deutschland’s history…I pray it never repeats.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

16 thoughts on “Homeland

  1. The more we contract out government, the closer we are to reaching the end of our country as we once knew it. We are not far away from being in the same situation Greece is in. God has every right to be angry with the way we’ve handled most everything pre Vietnam. Of course, this is my opinion. But, we do need to get rid of the ‘Beltway Bandits Once and For All.’

    • Sheri, I could not have said it better. We have been in a cycle where we are privatizing virtually everything from our military to our schools. I do believe that we are about to see a crash in this country unlike anything we have ever seen and until we do things will not begin to change. I say lets clean house and start all over again.

      • Dom – think about the fact that when Harry Reid is in D.C. he has a suite at the Ritz Carlton [and not on the 2nd floor] rather than having an apartment. I propose to you he cannot afford to do that on the salary he makes doing his day job! Neither does anyone in his family cook or clean [all done by private staff and the hotel and the food at the Ritz is 5 star]. Of course he’s been around our halls of congress to have made a mega fortune and the same is true of so many others. The greed and corruption cuts across both parties. Oh, if I could only write about the truth!

      • It absolutely is a problem with both parties. These people are hand picked by their parties and are forced upon us and what are we left with…we are left with choosing between two evils. Of course this cannot be taken as a blanket statement, but it covers most elected politicians. Your comment about Reid is probably more typical than unusual in D.C. and it has essentially destroyed the trustworthiness of our elected representatives. In the end, they are in it for their own gain and not for protecting the interests of their constituents. It is truly sad.

    • Thank you Jonathan, it just that in my opinion the word “Homeland” is terrible as in “Homeland Security” couldn’t they have come up with anything better. And sadly I do believe that many in this country are becoming radical nationalists. Again, thank you as always for your support.

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