Politically Correct

Posturing and belligerence weighs heavy in America.

Oligarchs and their minions speak their true hearts,

Little do they care about decency,

Ignorance replaces common sense…

This is the state of this union.

I do not understand when we digressed to these depths.

Could it be with the election of the first black President,

America’s prejudice finally bubbled back to the surface.

Locked away except in close circles

Little glimmers of ugliness rear their heads

Yearning to be brought into the daylight.


Could we really be this small and this hateful

Or is there hope that these pipers will lead their mice back to the shadows ,

Relegating them to Hell for the sins they speak.

Reasonableness seems to be all but lost!

Eliciting a response from the ill-informed is easy

Calling to to the lowest common denominator

This is truly sad when political correctness is deemed anything but kindness.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

10 thoughts on “Politically Correct

  1. It’s true. As long as everything appears to be going swimmingly there are smiles and graciousness. Change the state of the nation, alter the staus quo? All hell let loose. I’m thinking here of some of the vitriol and negativity that arose during the Scottish Independence referendum. A pat on the head at the idea, much uglier when the idea may be seen as a possible reality. Animosity arose on both sides to different degrees for different reasons but the underlying threat was , ‘do not rock the boat….or else’.
    Sweetness and smiles or poison in your coffee – take your pick. The LCD is easily appealed to if stirred enough.

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