Second Amendment

Second Amendment

America’s obsession

Is this not sickness

An unhealthy love of guns

Could be deemed insanity


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Author’s Note: Before the gun advocates out there start jumping all over me I want to make it clear that I am not anti-gun.  I myself am a gun owner and will continue to be.  I do however,  believe the following: that we have no need in the public realm to possess assault weapons of any kind, only good can come in requiring background checks to purchase a gun, and lastly that there is no valid reason why a gun should not be registered.  All of the objections to any kind of  reasonable gun control are coming from conspiracy theorists and through the garbage spewed by the NRA.


According to statistics there have been 355 mass shooting in 2015 alone and with each one the majority of Americans hope that it will be the one that finally changes things, but alas nothing ever changes.  Yesterday 14 people were murdered in a mass shooting in San Bernadino California and just like the other 354 that came before it, nothing will likely be done.  All of our thoughts and prayers for the families, though kind, won’t bring their loved ones back nor prevent this type of thing from ever happening again. Thoughts without actions are useless.  No, stricter gun control laws won’t stop every incident of gun violence, but if they stop just one senseless death it would absolutely be worth it. Of course this is just one man’s opinion.


As a final note, the statement from gun advocates is that the bulk of mass shootings are caused by the mentally ill, with this I take no issue, I do believe however, that America’s obsessive compulsive attitude toward guns is a mental illness as well and one that needs treated for the sake of us all.

16 thoughts on “Second Amendment

  1. Hey, Dom ! I just read your piece about people owning pieces ! [ Did I REALLY just write that? ] I fully agree with you on approx. ninety percent of your piece. [ Damn, I did it again ! ] ; ) Seriously , though, the only thing I disagree with you on this subject is the point you made as to registration. The weapons used in the last few MURDERS were legally obtained and therefore registered in my mind. [ Whats a little paperwork ? ] The troubling part of all these incidents to me would question WHY these individuals have the idea that these MURDERS are anything but just that. MURDERS! God help the helpless when the “entitled decide to show their ass! This is a confusion not dealt with in the education of the public by the powers that be. ie “See, I told you so !” Stay strong, Dom ! Let us pray…..

    • Thank you for your comment William, I’ll take 90%. 🙂 The reason I mentioned registration is that not all states actually register their guns. An example would be the state I currently live in, Arizona, they don’t register their guns and if you mention registration to any gun owner here, the get angry. They don’t want anyone to know what guns they have which to me is absurd, but that is just me. In the “Wild West” they prefer not to face modern realities with to me is quite sad.

  2. I would have to agree with your post and the points you have raised. Mom is a veteran and knows perfectly well how to operate an M-16, but she wouldn’t have one in the house. And people who say they need them to “shoot deer” are full of it.

    • You are correct. When I was younger I hunted every deer and turkey season (and not that successfully I might add) and never once did it occur to me that I needed an assault rifle to hunt with, what would the sport be in that. As I mentioned I own a couple of guns neither of which are assault/assault style weapons nor do I have any need to own them. It seems to me that the 2nd amendment does not grant the right to own every type of firearm know to man yet that is what it seems the NRA proposes with their ridiculous stance on gun rights. Thank you so much for your comment and thank your Mom for her service. My son is a combat veteran and I truly appreciate what all people that serve do.

  3. Dom, ordinary citizens do not need semi-automatic assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. I do not own a gun and am sick of having to worry that every other person around me does. I think the NRA has misinterpreted the original intent of the 2nd amendment.

  4. I also want to scream out to parents and family members, don’t hide from your kids, don’t put your head in the sand, pay attention when they are depressed and take them for psychological counseling, for all of our sake!!

    • You are absolutely right, there isn’t just one solution to this problem, it must be a multi-pronged approach and paying attention to the warning signs in our children and family members is just as important. Great comment my friend, well stated.

  5. So wonderful to run across a kindred soul. Like you, I’m NOT pro-gun control. (Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of prohibition of any sort. It’s almost never effective.) That said, I’m deeply concerned about our society’s attachment to and obsession with guns. Whenever the topic of gun control is brought up, I watch gun lovers transform into Gollum, but their precious is not “one ring to rule them all”, but, well, guns.

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