More Schoolyard Antics

More schoolyard antics

With name calling and punches


It doesn’t seem to matter

To the ignorant voter


What’s happened to us

Prepubescent politics

Make us laughingstocks


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Childish Insecurity

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Its a masquerade,

Decorated in random shades of color,

All to hide the true self from you.


I am ashamed of the real me,

For what reason I do not know,

Afraid I might be thought less of.


Oh the pure foolishness,

A game played solely in my mind,

Grounded in a child’s fantasy.


The excruciating pain of insecurity,

Every face a mirrored distortion of me,

Laughing, whispering, looking away.


They avert their eyes,

As if glimpsing some hideous monster,

There’s nowhere to hide.


What a horrible delusion,

I fabricate my own nightmares,

Without the comfort of slumber.


Travails have haunted me,

Ripping confidence asunder,

Though time after time I’ve overcome.


So ingrained is this sense of doubt,

It is woven into my being,

Like an old friend I could scarcely do without.


Still each new day is a struggle,

A torment to beat back,

Another chance for me to rise above myself.

Image: Standford University