Separation Pains My Heart (Sonnet)

Separation pains my heart, that’s yours,

So long we’ve been together, I dread us part.

Loneliness invades with the latching door,

For fear that your love with you departs.


Foolish I know are these thoughts of you leaving,

Kindred souls we’ve become with the passage of time.

No sense does it make for my heart to be grieving,

When the love that we have has been nothing, but sublime.


Insecurity, but why, is the question to be pondered,

You’ve given me no reason to impart any concern.

Supposing instead that commitment might wander,

After all of these years you think I’d have learned.


The strength of our love has never been contested, nor ever shall it be during this life.

Nothing in this world could ever have bested, the passion that I have for you being my wife.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Life’s Drama

As drama unfolds

Hiding insecurity

I am wondering

Why do I question myself

When I should just be happy

This tears at my soul

Leaving a hole I can’t fill

Even though I try

Can this be considered fair

In the grand scheme of my life


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Hatred and Violence

I sleep confident I’ve done my best,

Only to wake uncertain.

Insecure in myself,

Insecure in the craziness of this world,

The later feeds ravenously on the other;

Draining optimism as if water from a pond,

Leaving it dry, cracked — until it turns to dust.

Periodic lulls slowly renew my faith in man,

Spirits rise, the pond of optimism refills

Then in one spectacular moment it is gone,

Evaporating into the heavens,

By one stroke of ignorance or violence.

The reasons mystify;

Inexplicable to all but the perpetrators.

What’s to be gained?

Frivolous violence and hatred achieve nothing,

But to instill fear and hate in others otherwise uninclined.

This is not an accomplishment!

It is the perpetuation of discontent.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Childish Insecurity

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Its a masquerade,

Decorated in random shades of color,

All to hide the true self from you.


I am ashamed of the real me,

For what reason I do not know,

Afraid I might be thought less of.


Oh the pure foolishness,

A game played solely in my mind,

Grounded in a child’s fantasy.


The excruciating pain of insecurity,

Every face a mirrored distortion of me,

Laughing, whispering, looking away.


They avert their eyes,

As if glimpsing some hideous monster,

There’s nowhere to hide.


What a horrible delusion,

I fabricate my own nightmares,

Without the comfort of slumber.


Travails have haunted me,

Ripping confidence asunder,

Though time after time I’ve overcome.


So ingrained is this sense of doubt,

It is woven into my being,

Like an old friend I could scarcely do without.


Still each new day is a struggle,

A torment to beat back,

Another chance for me to rise above myself.

Image: Standford University


By D. R. DiFrancesco

If only you could hear my thoughts

The aspirations I have for you

The love I feel for you

Would you be surprised

I have always been an idealist

For myself and those I cherish

Only yearning for the best for you

Taking pride in your little accomplishments

Offering up praise when you interrogate yourself

Anxiety and self-doubt were carefully sheltered from view

Constantly scratching and clawing,

Tearing up your insides in an attempt to escape

You kept them so well hidden

Your inner child cried for approval

I could not help but answer

I’ve always been susceptible to your tears

Drawing you close

Imbibing your insecurities

Reassuring your soul that you are worthy

This is not who you are

Looking in the mirror

You don’t see what I see

You are beautiful

You are unique

You are you

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