Why I Ask Is It That We Choose To Destroy

Why I ask is it that we choose to destroy,

Leaving vast swaths of land ravaged,

Acres of ocean uninhabitable,

Water unfit for consumption,

Farms barren of life-giving crops,

Forests clear cut for human development

Exploitation of the gifts given to mankind,

Simply…I do not know!

Why is it that we deny the evidence,

Oceans rising to previously unrecorded levels,

Temperatures, the hottest in history,

Storms, perfect and oh so deadly,

Property destroyed and lives lost,

Still we refuse to believe,

Why–I do not know!

Why is it that we allow ourselves to be victims,

Plagued by profiteers,

Suffocated by our government,

Tolerant of our polarization,

Blind to our abuses,

Living as pawns to the powerful,

Yet we choose to ignore,

Why, I haven’t a clue!

Why we have allowed this to happen, I do not know,

We have become complacent,

Allowing our fellows to trample our dreams,

Stifling that which is our destiny

Instead of finding common ground,

Leaving us more distant than ever.

I wish I knew how to fix the ills of this world,

But I do not!

I like you, am only a temporary inhabitant,

Borrowing my time in this life.

Why must we destroy this precious world

Poisoning ourselves and those we love

With words and chemicals?

Material gain and profit are fleeting like this existence.

Shouldn’t we endeavor to make the most of what we’ve been given?

Isn’t this what it means to be human,

To use what we need leaving the rest for our future?

Perhaps I am naive,

A dreamer,

Or just hopeful,

But I must believe that it is not too late

For man to overcome his arrogance and greed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Circle of Fools

Tightropes walk to the edge of ruin

Foresight focused on the next coronation

Selfish air about you floats

Ignoring the subjects by whom you’re appointed


Millions seek your help after natures disaster

WIth backs turned and blinders on you drift away

Crying our duty has been faithfully done

Shameful and disgraceful are your exploits


You led us to this precipice as arrogant fools will do

Tug-o-war played with lives of no consequence

Calls to work go unheeded in deafened halls

Leaving the masses pondering their fate


Pointing fingers and placing blame like two year olds do

Holding your breath until your face turns blue

Shouting foul to the constituency

Hoping for some semblance of sympathy


Feigning sincerity is not your passion

Ploys thrown about for the cameras leave us hollow

Begging for guidance and utopia in a barren wasteland

Sadly hope falls just out of reach


Choosing to live or eat should not be in question

As human beings should these not be our unalienable right

Many of you say no all for the saving of a dollar

While claiming vociferously that we are a Christian nation


Bloody and battered we hope for change

Praying diplomacy and common decency once again rears it’s head

Instead replacing cordiality with dissension

We are left drowning in a torrent of despair


Harbor not ill will towards those who have entrusted

Compromise in our eyes is not an unclean word

Stubbornness and procrastination will lead to certain demise

Catapulting a once great dominion into irreparable ruin

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~