Race wars,

Culture wars,

Gender wars,

Drug wars,

War on freedom,

War on religion,

War on women,

War on drugs,

War on crime,

War on terror,

War, war, war–do you see the pattern!

Still we call ourselves peace-loving,

We call ourselves civilized.

Fighting against each other,

Fighting against our beliefs,

Fighting against enemies of our own design,

Intolerance of one another,

Physical and verbal violence

Waged against our own and the world,

Tell me–what is peace-loving and civilized about this?

We have been brainwashed–

Brainwashed by our government,

Brainwashed by the media,

Brainwashed by our own ignorance!

We continue this spiral into oblivion,

Year after year,

Decade after decade,

Century after century

As so many have done before us.

Perhaps one day we will learn

That constant war tires and diminishes a people

Until eventually they plunge into the abyss of history

–Under the weight of their own arrogance.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~