Many Years We Laughed

Many years we laughed

Now with heavy hearts we cry

Saddened by your pain

Hidden by smiles on screen

You were tortured behind doors

Left to your own mind

You couldn’t escape the hurt

Of your wounds unseen

Then in despair you broke

Taking our laughter with you


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Passing Time

With each and every passing year,

I realize I know less than I knew before.

The truths I held at once so dear,

Have up and left and run for the door.


Things they change seeming obscure,

Not so plain as they used to be.

So much I see I at once abhor,

Closing my eyes in hopes I won’t see.


Music and film I have lived to watch change,

Profane and obscene for what reason unknown.

I would go back in time if time be rearranged,

Oh how I wish that time would not have flown.


Maybe this is a sign of age on the march,

Passed from progenitor to progeny alas.

Opinions unheeded as they drift beneath the arch,

Change will not stop as I peer through the glass.


My guess is that I’ll either learn to live or ignore,

As my parents and their parent have done.

The cycle won’t change of this I am sure,

I suppose time and youth, they have won.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~