Many Years We Laughed

Many years we laughed

Now with heavy hearts we cry

Saddened by your pain

Hidden by smiles on screen

You were tortured behind doors

Left to your own mind

You couldn’t escape the hurt

Of your wounds unseen

Then in despair you broke

Taking our laughter with you


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Spirits Suffer Under Winter’s Wrath

Spirits suffer under winter’s wrath,

Testing one’s fortitude to it’s last.

With anger, depression, anxiety and stress,

Leaving our sanity in quite a mess.

One glimpse out the window, on an icy chill

Leaves us with nothing, but time to fill.

Stir-crazy or claustrophobic it matters not,

Being caged as animals, seems an evil plot.

Too dangerous to cross thresholds spiteful path,

Daring us to tempt fate with her frosty laugh.

Those who are bold may chance demise

And look at her face through watery eyes.

Hoping against frostbite or something worse,

That leaves you stiff under Jack Frost’s curse.

So maybe being cooped up isn’t so bad,

Compared to all that you could have had.

Hopefully being stuck with the ones you love

Doesn’t turn out to be such a terrible rub.

Just know that soon this too shall thaw

And leave you more joyful in springtime’s awe.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~