Many Years We Laughed

Many years we laughed

Now with heavy hearts we cry

Saddened by your pain

Hidden by smiles on screen

You were tortured behind doors

Left to your own mind

You couldn’t escape the hurt

Of your wounds unseen

Then in despair you broke

Taking our laughter with you


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


26 thoughts on “Many Years We Laughed

  1. Such a beautiful way to capture in very few words the feelings that so many have in the face of this profound loss. My hope is that we see the gifts inherent in the legacy of a live well lived on the world stage and the suffering inside that few really knew about or could allow themselves to see. Our humanness is a gift…and our darkness a curse, if we cannot embrace, heal and live authentically the light of our lives. Appreciation for his earthly offerings to us all, love for the soul that is no longer suffering and prayers of peace and acceptance for all who loved him.

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