Circle, Circle, Circle Down

Circle, circle, circle down

Until he lands upon the ground

Landing softly, though graceful not

Tossing and turning in his resting spot

Mesmerized am I at this sacred show

By this tiny creature in final throes

Years gone by I’d have taken its life

Believing it kind to end his strife

Was this really ever my place at all

To live or die was never my call

On the Divine life and death does rest

Deferring to Him is surely best

Now I just sit and watch amazed

As his spirit enters its final phase

Never interfering or imposing my will

I watch as his little body grows quietly still

This tiny bee is no less than man

I’m certain it’s true in the Creator’s plan

So I’ll bid farewell for now my friend

Until someday we meet again


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


How Long Should I Stay (Sonnet)

How long should I stay, it’s a question of time

As long as you need I suppose, if you must.

Do we really have a say, I say no to the climb

From birth to our death, in the Divine we must trust.


One minute or years, it’s out of our control

How long we will be on this earth, we don’t know.

Fear of our passing, certainly taking its toll

For when heaven comes calling, we must go.


Try as we might, we can’t stave our own ends

Rearing it’s head, unexpected most times.

This circle of life, no mere mortal can bend

As we wait for the hour, Reaper’s bell to chime.


Be thankful for what time we have in this life, fleeting it is to be certain,

Loving your children, mother, father, husband, wife, before you draw your last curtain.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Little Thought Do We Give (Acrostic)

Little thought do we give at time of conception,

Isolated in our cocoon of lust and love.

Feeling as one, our sensual obsession,

Embraced in our skins like hand in a glove.

Another’s life we send on its wondrous journey,

No consideration given to responsibility taken.

Despite their affect on our futures, so blurry,

Doned in false wisdom we vow to ne’er be shaken.

Even in this arrogance the question must arise,

After time to ponder has settled our voice.

The seriousness of our action lay right before our eyes,

Having created something of beauty with or without choice.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~