A Bid Farewell

Blasphemous lies spewed

Like daggers thrust, filleting us

Cowardice revealed as your forte’

I knew you not as well as I thought

Your blackened heart splayed

Expelling hatred, thick and vile

Engulfing what once I treasured

Swallowing it whole

With nary a trace to be had

Why? Is the question

For I know not what baited this provocation

Friendship at length counts for naught

Preferring to wrench away

Every miniscule crumb of what bound us

With sorrow I begged explanation

But none was offered

Receiving only silence in response

With sadness I must bid adieu

Wishing you only the best

I harbor no ill will

Hoping one day for reconciliation

Until then my friend


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

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