Fraught With Peril This Thin Line – Rebel

Fraught with peril this thin line

    Once crossed will wither and die

Not so wide, but ever so fine

    Our elected few seem eager to try


Mad men with power where nary have tread

    Kindle the fires of conspiracy and hate

Ever so close the majority dread

    A nation’s short history left to fate


This cresipise so deep we fear to fall

    Bottomless pit will never end

Left to the tyrants this funeral pall

    To torments wrath we writhe and bend


What’s to be gained by ignorance hold

    Believing the fools venomous bite

Taking their word more precious than gold

    That is til exposed by reasons light


Hope springs eternal as the old saying goes

    May the ruinous seed be cast back to hell

Sooner or later nobody knows

    Righteousness waits the toll of the bell


This sickness not us wailed from the heart

    A cure lies ahead in the booth

Now is the time never too late to start

    The lever must suffocate their truth


Time to rebel dead ahead in our hands

    Never more urgent then now

Traitors that poison the mind and the land

    Must be buried by the blade of the plow


Rise up! Rise up! You sheepish bunch

    Stand up to the villain’s rusted sword

Truth lies before you much more than a hunch

    Trample to dust his evil hoard


If not for yourselves for your progenies sake

    Stiff your spine before time slides away

Your souls are their plunder and more they will take

    Mark these words spoken this day


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Bid Farewell

Blasphemous lies spewed

Like daggers thrust, filleting us

Cowardice revealed as your forte’

I knew you not as well as I thought

Your blackened heart splayed

Expelling hatred, thick and vile

Engulfing what once I treasured

Swallowing it whole

With nary a trace to be had

Why? Is the question

For I know not what baited this provocation

Friendship at length counts for naught

Preferring to wrench away

Every miniscule crumb of what bound us

With sorrow I begged explanation

But none was offered

Receiving only silence in response

With sadness I must bid adieu

Wishing you only the best

I harbor no ill will

Hoping one day for reconciliation

Until then my friend


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~