War Damages More Than Earth And Enemy

War damages more than earth and enemy.

Its scars not always visible disfigure,

Taking more than life and limb.

Those once docile and kind seethe with anger

Tearing family, home and heart to shreds.

Longing to coddle the child we once knew

We only serve to alienate.

As a result we remain silent,

Helpless against the inner demons that torment.

We pray they make it back home in one piece,

Yet coming to terms with that which we cannot see

…There is now way to prepare for.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


13 thoughts on “War Damages More Than Earth And Enemy

  1. It’s rather like bereavement, in the beginning people watch out for someone who’s lost a partner but then weeks of months pass by and the bereaved is floundering.

      • The girl screaming was what I wanted you to see — I think the figures were just television station logos, etc. — but it hurt to see the little girl so full of anger. No kid should be angry enough to take a swing at a soldier!!!! This is why the cycle keeps going on and on and on ….

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