It Occurred To Me Today

It occurred to me today–

Prompted by a voice,

Not in my head,

No, it came from a voice on the radio.

I’ve heard this voice a hundred times,

Heard the same questions,

Heard the same answer,

But today–

Today of all days I actually listened.

What is life?

What is living?

That’s when the light finally turned on.

It’s the glorious journey of learning how to die.

We do it daily,

We do it with every breath.

We look to our religions,

Our Gods, our souls for the answer.


In the desire to leave this world in peace

With dignity,

With the hope for something after,

Something more than this temporary existence.

And why shouldn’t we?

Are we not returning to our beginning,

To the earth,

To the air,

To the heavens,

As we have been blessed to do.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


22 thoughts on “It Occurred To Me Today

  1. Wow. This is quite the epiphany. The line – ‘glorious journey of learning how to die’ is quite thought provoking. I see it but do not want to. Agree with it, but do not want to. Lovely piece. 🙂

    • Thank you Kimberly. I guess I have begun coming to terms with what is an inevitable event, although I certainly hope that it isn’t until the very distant future. Why sweat what we cannot change, let’s just embrace it and enjoy the time we have while we are on this wonderful planet. 🙂

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