14 thoughts on “Blackened Heart Draws Blood (Tanka)

  1. I´m throwing a barrage of LIKE´s here, but I just like them. As a very novice poet myself, well if you can consider poetry what I write, could you tell me if you have time what is the difference between the Tanka and Haiku, I did gather that Haiku was 5-7-5 syllables for each of the three lines although I don´t see anybody using that metric.

    • Hi Charly – You are right, the haiku does use 5-7-5 syllables for three lines. I never write a haiku that doesn’t follow this rule. The tanka uses 5-7-5-7-7 syllables for 5 lines and again, I never stray from this. One other twist to the haiku is that it typically deals with nature and the seasons in some form while a senryu follows the same 5-7-5 form, but typically deals with human nature and emotions. Many poets don’t make this differentiation, me included very often unless I am writing for a prompt that specifically requests a senryu. Anyway, both forms, haiku and tanka are terrific and not as easy to write as one might expect. I hope this helps. – Dom

      • Hi there Dom, it sure helps I actually wrote it down, not kidding. I did try to do 3 haiku´s and submit them to one of the wordpress people who had a little challenge going on, the first time I wrote a Haiku following the 5-7-5 rule and I actually think I spend about 45 minutes to write 3 that would read nice and follow the rules. Didn´t get into the nature thing, but is good to know and that´s probably why the guy told me that thank you but sorry. I actually got hooked doing those little poems, I thought it would be boring but I found out with my face stuck into my notebook fidgeting around with words and loved it. Thank´s for the response

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