Can you imagine a country;

A system where money…

Profit is its religion,

I certainly can.

Take a look at what we’ve become

America, owned by corporations

Leaving its citizens rummage through their trash.

Is this what the promise was

Suffering under the greed of oligarchs?

Maybe not, but this is precisely who we are.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

18 thoughts on “Capitalism

  1. Humans are such odd creatures. One needs food, water, and shelter from the elements to survive. Yet we created a system where money takes precedence. I mean, it’s possible to be too poor to live, which sounds bizarrely unnatural. Makes me wonder if we’ve managed to remove ourselves entirely from that part of Earth.

    • I guess one could make a case that it is the best of a bunch of bad systems, but in my opinion in many ways it is just a corrupt. I would agree that we seem to have separated ourselves from our fellow man all for our own financial benefit. It really is very sad. Thanks for the comment Charles, I really do appreciate it.

  2. The system is broken but no one seems to know what to replace it with or even if we would be allowed to do so. Those who benefit most from the corruption that now appears to be inherent in it would never relinquish that power easily. It makes for a sad outlook all round. My hope is that there are enough people wakening to the reality and finding ways to communicate these truths. Words such as yours go a long way in making people pause to think. The evidence gathers and the time must surely come when we – not they – determine a more just system.

    • Thank you my friend. You are right, those in power won’t be too willing to relinquish it, but that is not for them to determine, it is for the masses to determine. In America if the system is broken we as citizens are obligated to fix it, but it won’t easy nor will it be painless. Our problem is that we are too gullible believing what the elite tell us and ignoring our own self-interests, I really don’t understand it.

  3. This is precisely who we are and if somebody doesn’t awake from their slumber and do a little closer observing, this is precisely who we will always be because it serves the elites purpose to keep things the way they are.

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