Shadow Hovering

Shadow hovering,

Masked as national concern,

Arrogant bastard!

Caring not who he offends

As long as his ego is served.


What have we become?

Does not humility count?

Hate does not serve us,

It only serves to inflame

Defining an us and them.


He speaks of greatness,

Uniting America

While he divides us!

Tell me! What’s the attraction

To this thinly skinned buffoon.


The answer’s simple;

He appeals to the lowest

Animal instincts;

Making it okay to hate

Those who they don’t understand.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

9 thoughts on “Shadow Hovering

  1. “He appeals to the lowest
    Animal instincts;
    Making it okay to hate
    Those who they don’t understand.”

    Another powerful piece. That pretty much summarizes everything.

  2. It upsets me a lot, why can’t we arrest him? He incited riots and groups gathering to protest. Makes me ashamed but almost 90% of my warehouse believes in the Republican way of life. Scary!

    • I really don’t understand it either. Yes he is within his rights guaranteed in the constitution, but the fact that people actually believe that he is what America needs really boggles my mind. It is scary.

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