There is no repentance,

There is no civility only cruelty.

The cud we chew is our own

Regurgitated repeatedly

Until even we believe the vile spew.

This once great nation has become caustic

Poisoning the lifeblood of its citizens.

O’ how embarrassed I am

To be counted amongst you.

What we viewed as progress

Proved to be nothing but a facade.

The world sees us

Just as ugly as our past portrays.

We fool no one with our mask;

Smiling with our hand outstretched in friendship

Whilst clutching a dagger behind our backs.

Then, with great surprise, things turn sour!

We gasp in horror at the cruelty of our adversaries,

Castigating those we exploit.

In denial we consider ourselves blameless

Arrogantly condemning our victims.

Their hatred runs deep and their memories are long.

As we learn not from our mistakes,

Repeated over and over we achieve the same result,

Setting ablaze modern day Rome,

And leaving its citizens to flee in horror.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

24 thoughts on “Repent

    • Actually I am angry, angry at our politics and our political system. We are seeing a great deal of ugliness rearing it head these days and it absolutely disgusts me. We heading down a very destructive path with the likes of Trump and Cruz. I would have found it very hard to believe that they could garner any support, but clearly I was wrong.

      • When people demand change they unfortunately, as a group, do not require much in the way of specifications. This will pass,my friend, just as the administrations of all our previous presidents has passed. My view of the short history pertaining to the USA tells me that in the long run, the will of the people will eventually rise to the top. [ Waiting for it to get there is the major factor ] ; ) We will survive and prosper , if not in this generation , then the next !

      • I realize that this will pass, but what for the passing takes is completely unknown. I believe that we are witnessing the passing of an outdated way of thinking on the Republican side and I think they realize it. Our nation has sold its soul to the wealthy and corporations which reminds me an awful lot of fascism and the odd thing is that they don’t try to hide it. We have gone so far as to say that money is speech and that corporations are people, what will be next. I honestly believe that nothing will change unless there is revolution in this country, no it does not have to be violent, but it does need to happen to force our elected officials to represent the will of the people not the will of just their biggest donors. You are right, I may not see it in my lifetime, but I believe that it is inevitable that it will happen otherwise the great “empire” will fall just as the Romans and every other great empire fell before them.

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