Our Collective Soul

Our collective soul

Lies buried in the rubble

Of hate, greed and lies.


One day we will rise from ash

Like the fiery Phoenix.


Enlightened, wiser,

Perhaps we will see we’re one,

Made of flesh and bone.


How sad that we must suffer

Before we open our eyes.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



There is no repentance,

There is no civility only cruelty.

The cud we chew is our own

Regurgitated repeatedly

Until even we believe the vile spew.

This once great nation has become caustic

Poisoning the lifeblood of its citizens.

O’ how embarrassed I am

To be counted amongst you.

What we viewed as progress

Proved to be nothing but a facade.

The world sees us

Just as ugly as our past portrays.

We fool no one with our mask;

Smiling with our hand outstretched in friendship

Whilst clutching a dagger behind our backs.

Then, with great surprise, things turn sour!

We gasp in horror at the cruelty of our adversaries,

Castigating those we exploit.

In denial we consider ourselves blameless

Arrogantly condemning our victims.

Their hatred runs deep and their memories are long.

As we learn not from our mistakes,

Repeated over and over we achieve the same result,

Setting ablaze modern day Rome,

And leaving its citizens to flee in horror.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

‘Tis Not The Fragrant Flower I Once Knew

‘Tis not the fragrant flower I once knew,

Pleasing to the senses,

Brightening the world with her effervescent palette.

Her silky petals crumble, fragile to the touch,

Falling like toxic ash in the putrid air.

She pollutes the earth that feeds her,

Poisoning her waters making them non potable.

Oh how her beautiful bouquet has mutated,

Turning ugly and angry in the midst of the garden.

Those not of her kind are suffocated as weeds,

Trampled, then pulled out by their roots.

Intolerant and hateful she has become,

The prick of her thorns has turned fatal.

Her beauty, now masticated by selfishness

Sets her on a path to destruction.

No longer prized, no longer admired,

She will be turned as mulch–

Into the soil from whence she came.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Thoughts Are Provoking

Thoughts are provoking

When voiced in arrogant tones

A putrid venom

Raising the ire of foes

Stinging the hearts allies

A higher standard

We aspire to be held

This has always been

Yet we bully and coerce

We push, shove and we degrade

They aren’t our children

We are not their guardians

Ego says elseways

Sometimes it’s best to step back

Letting cooler heads prevail


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



A cataclysm


Not just any things, but everything


Spewing fire, rock, ash

Vesuvius in the flesh

Raining devastation in torrents

Emotions flooding

Consuming everyone…

Nothing is spared

Rage uncontrollable

Wielding immense power

Resulting in blood and tears

Those that worship are left in ruins

Blaming themselves…

Their actions for this travesty

Without shame

Destructive behavior persists

Until there was nothing left

Nothing, but ashes and rubble

And a legacy of carnage

That will last for generations


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~