Look Into Their Eyes

Look into their eyes,

Can you see the glory in their souls,

Do you feel the oneness…

Their fibers intertwined with yours in this earthly plane?

Journey deep within,

It is there,

Hiding where it has always been…

Your humanity.

I do not believe in your hatred!

How can you look into the eyes of a child

And wish them harm?

How can you hear the cries of a mother for her son

And deny her pain?

How can a line drawn in the sand

Damn a man to certain death in the vicious desert?

Is their blood not red as yours?

Feel the beat of your own heart,

See beyond what your narrow vision shows,

Realize that you are nothing more than them!

Judgement day will reveal your fate by word and deed

Leaving you to find that YOU–

Just may be the least among men.


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~

7 thoughts on “Look Into Their Eyes

  1. I really feel the world can be united if we join our hearts, changing our pre- judgements. I wish the hate and vitriol underneath the fabric of our country, would not come to the surface but would transform into love for one another. It is always possible, Dom. Looking into another’s eyes means really trying to “be” in their shoes, too. Don’t you think?

    • Yes I do believe that, I just wish more people would do it, but instead they choose to focus on our differences which is very unhelpful. Thank you for the the very thoughtful comment. 🙂

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