Second Amendment

Second amendment

Times do change and so must we

Guns aren’t the answer


How many more have to die

Before we show some control


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Before I get any angry comments I’d like to make it clear that I am not anti-gun ownership.  I do however, believe that assault style weapons are unnecessary for the average citizen to own for personal protection or otherwise.  We continue to make excuses that banning assault weapons wouldn’t have changed anything and so our leaders have chosen to do nothing and as a result nothing has changed.  We continue to see an increase in mass shootings and an ever greater amount of death with the murders weapon of choice…the assault weapon.  When will one more death be too many?

13 thoughts on “Second Amendment

  1. The 2nd Amendment was written so that we wouldn’t have a free standing army in the Colonies.. People don’t understand that… They only can repeat don’t take our guns..

  2. Great one. The 2nd Amendment needs to be re-written to best fit today’s times. We are no longer a frontier nation or a new nation worried about British invasions. When it was written way back when they didn’t have to worry about assault weapons like we do today. I wonder if they would have changed their wording if they had. I have no issues with guns (grew up around an avid hunter). I just wish we had a little more control on them.

    • I agree with your comment completely. I too am not anti-gun, I own a couple and was a hunter in the past although I no longer have any interest in hunting. With this being said, I never have nor do I have any reason to own an assault weapon nor do I think any private citizen needs to own one either…of course this is just my opinion. Thanks my friend.

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